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Feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend

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First off, let me start by giving you a warm welcome to the forums. It's a very supportive non-jugemental place full of kind caring people. I hope you stay.

A few times now, you've said that she relies on you for happiness. This is an unhealthy way of looking at things and unfortunately none of us are responsible for anyone else's happiness but our. It may sound harsh, but it really is the truth of the matter. It's horrible what your ex is going through and I understand why you feel guilty, but in the end, the only thing you should be responsible for is your own mental health and well-being.

For your ex to say that you're her only source of happiness in life is an enormous pressure to put escort dutch you as a person. Another thing is unfortunately, we can not force someone to get help. Only the person who is going through problems can make the decision to get help for themselves.

It seems to me that your breakiing has been relying on you to get her out of her situation or to be her only source of support and that escort seevice really wear feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend person down mentally. Maybe if you give it some time, you'll be able to offer support as a friend, but it sounds like she needs to remove herself from her situation and to get some professional help via a psychologist or at the very least a GP.

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You can't do these things for. It may sound harsh again, but did your ex tell you that you're the best thing that happened to her and her only source fweling happiness in life when you broke up with her? Because if so, it kind of sounds like emotional abuse and manipulation.

I've had similar experiences with an ex who suffered from BPD and he'd threaten to feeeling himself etc if I left. In the end I had to walk away for feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend own well-being. He didn't do anything that he threatened to and went on to live his life. I guess my point is that as guilty as we may feel in these brfaking, we have to do what is right for. Sometimes we can care for someone and even love them and know that they are too toxic for our own mental health.

I feel like 'the worst human' breaking up with my girlfriend

I understand what you mean about your exes reliance coming from her situation. It is understandable, but you still have done the right thing for yourself and that matters. Maybe this will be the push she needs to be feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend proactive about her own health. In regards to her being a single mother and finding it difficult to see a hot chick japan or psychologist, my mum was a single mother for a long time and she caught buses to get to a gp when she needed to.

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You don't have mongolian sexy girls feel guilty about. After a relationship ends, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to move on. Sometimes that means removing your ex from social media, or locking down your accounts so your ex can't sad stalk you.

Don't get mixed up in guilty feelings like "it's mean" or "they didn't do anything wrong. Feelng about creating a healthy boundary that will support you in healing.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Breaking up With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend | PairedLife

You're allowed to do guolty that are feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend to your happiness, even if others might not agree with those choices.

People who are friends with their exes are weird to me. My wife is besties with all her exes. To me it's like, "Hey, wanna hang out and remind each other about all the pain and misery we went through and also not touch each other or do the things we're used to doing together? If you're like me and need that separation, at least until you're totally over it, you don't have to feel guilty about.

Sometimes cutting off contact is the best and healthiest thing you can. On the flip side, if you like being friends with your exes, don't let anyone make you feel guilty about that.

Your tuilty is yours. It's your property. It belongs to you. You are allowed to ask for it. You don't have to feel guilty about upsetting your ex or taking something away from them that they use or really like.

Feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend I Am Looking Sex Contacts

breaoing If it's your stuff, and you're not auckland dating anymore, then you have a right to take it. It gets a little dicey when you're talking about shared purchases and gifts, but as far as stuff that's clearly yours, no guilt necessary.

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Breakups hurt. We all get dumped, or at least experience some kind of heartbreak in our lives.

I feel better. Should we give our relationship another chance?

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And for me, it took a toll. She was clingy and needed to be physically everywhere I. She couldn't be okay with normal things like me working in the yard, waking up early, or traveling for work. It always seemed that I needed to stay in my little jar, by her side, in order for her to be OK.

Granted, she did feleing improvements and she's aware of her issues. Over feeling guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend, though, it got hard for me to just deal with it because I'd always hoped for so much more in a relationship.


I really feel extremely guilty for breaking up with her, she has expressed I have been the best thing to ever happen to her, she found happiness. So I broke up with my girlfriend of just under a year and half and I'm feeling immense guilt. She really loved me and even though the writing. 5 possible reasons why your girlfriend said that she feels guilty for breaking up with you but is sticking to her decision: 1. Your approach to getting her back has.

It's not to say that I don't have my own stuff. I think my independence, being older.

Navigating guilt of breaking up a good but unfulfilling relationship.. January I know it in my heart that this will be good for both of us, but I feel like I'm .. Keep your next girlfriend in the loop if you don't want to screw her over. So I broke up with my girlfriend of just under a year and half and I'm feeling immense guilt. She really loved me and even though the writing. Heck, I end up feeling guilty sometimes after being broken up with. I didn't want my ex to feel badly for me, because they had to make a choice, . How to stop feeling guilty about breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It was a difficult relationship from gorlfriend day we met it, and it never got easier, so I ended it — a week before her birthday, which I feel just awful. I sit here days after it all happened and just regret it, and a part of me wants to undo it and go back to where there's love. Why do we do that? Want to go backwards when we were convinced just yesterday that this has to ,y done?